Helmholtz thermodynamic potential

Helmholtz thermodynamic potential
потенциал m изохорно-изотермический

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  • Helmholtz free energy — In thermodynamics, the Helmholtz free energy is a thermodynamic potential which measures the “useful” work obtainable from a closed thermodynamic system at a constant temperature and volume. For such a system, the negative of the difference in… …   Wikipedia

  • Thermodynamic system — A thermodynamic system is a precisely defined macroscopic region of the universe, often called a physical system, that is studied using the principles of thermodynamics. All space in the universe outside the thermodynamic system is known as the… …   Wikipedia

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  • Thermodynamic free energy — In thermodynamics, the term thermodynamic free energy refers to the amount of work that can be extracted from a system, and is helpful in engineering applications. It is a subtraction of the entropy of a system ( useless energy ) from the total… …   Wikipedia

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  • Helmholtz theorem (classical mechanics) — For other uses, see Helmholtz theorem .The Helmholtz theorem of classical mechanics reads as follows:Let:H(x,p;V)=K(p)+varphi(x;V) be the Hamiltonian of a one dimensional system, where :K=frac{p^2}{2m} is the kinetic energy and :varphi(x;V) is a… …   Wikipedia

  • Chemical potential — Chemical potential, symbolized by μ, is a measure first described by the American engineer, chemist and mathematical physicist Josiah Willard Gibbs. It is the potential that a substance has to produce in order to alter a system.[1] In broadest… …   Wikipedia

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  • Generalized Helmholtz theorem — The generalized Helmholtz theorem is the multi dimensional generalization of the Helmholtz theorem which is valid only in one dimension. The generalized Helmholtz theorem reads as follows.Let:mathbf{p}=(p 1,p 2,...,p s), :mathbf{q}=(q 1,q 2,...,q …   Wikipedia

  • Grand potential — The grand potential is a quantity used in statistical mechanics, especially for irreversible processes in open systems.Grand potential is defined by:Phi {G} stackrel{mathrm{def{=} E T S mu NWhere E is the energy, T is the temperature of the… …   Wikipedia

  • List of thermodynamic properties — Here is a partial list of thermodynamic properties of fluids:*T temperature [K] * ho density [kg/m3] *c p specific heat at constant pressure [J/(kg·K)] *c v specific heat at constant volume [J/(kg·K)] *mu dynamic viscosity [N/(m²·s)] * u… …   Wikipedia

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